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Dancing Bee Equipment

Bees, Education, Equipment & Support

Located in Port Hope, Ontario, Dancing Bee Equipment is your one-stop destination for bees, beekeeping equipment, and candle making supplies. They operate their own retail stores, supply commercial beekeepers with equipment, and distribute to over 80 stores across North America.Dancing Bee Equipment’s mission is to be the leading supplier of quality beekeeping products and education, with unparalleled customer service. They have a vision to support the advancement of beekeeping in North America by helping beekeepers grow their apiaries in a profitable and sustainable way.

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Press Release – NOD APIARY PRODUCTS LTD. – Celebrating 25 Years of Protecting Honey Bees!

Picture of NOD Global Sign

July 11, 2022 – This upcoming year marks a noteworthy milestone at NOD Apiary Products Ltd.: 25 years committed to honey bee and animal wellness. Originating in Canada in 1997, NOD has developed innovative, practical tools for treating honey bees under stress from parasitic mites, ones that are effective, sustainable and safe. NOD has registered its bee protection products in Canada, the United States, New Zealand and many countries across Europe, with anticipation of expansion into more markets globally.

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Press Release – NOD Apiary Products Ltd. Welcomes Kerri Lott as Marketing Manager

Frankford, Ontario – NOD Apiary Products Ltd. is pleased to announce the addition of Kerri Lott to the NOD team as Marketing Manager, effective immediately. Kerri joins the Marketing Team to cover a maternity leave. She will be responsible for executing global marketing strategies and will contribute to NOD’s commitment to educate on honey bee and animal health.

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Press Release – NOD Apiary Ireland Ltd. Welcomes Freddy Proni as New EU Regional Manager

Dublin, Ireland – NOD Apiary Ireland Ltd. is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Frederick (Freddy) Proni to the NOD team as European Regional Manager, effective immediately. Leading marketing and sales activities across Europe, Freddy will contribute to NOD’s commitment to outstanding customer service and education for the betterment of the global beekeeping community.

Freddy joins at an exciting time of growth for the company, as the launch of Formicpro™ is underway throughout European markets. Formicpro is the number one formulated product for varroa control in North America—and is now available in 23 European regions as a valuable tool for beekeepers to combat the devastating Varroa destructor mite.

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Formicpro™ European Distribution Partners

Your Newest Tool to Combat Varroa

Formicpro™ is an all-natural Veterinary Medicine that targets Varroa destructor mites. Formic acid is the active ingredient, which penetrates the brood cap to kill varroa mites where they reproduce—targeting the root of your infestation, and protecting developing bees when they’re most vulnerable.

Formicpro Distribution Partners & Authorised Countries

Formicpro is authorised in: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland (RMS), Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and United Kingdom. Additional regions coming soon — see our current Distribution Partners in Europe:

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Press Release – Formicpro® obtains Marketing Authorization in 23 European Regions

May 10, 2021 (Dublin, Ireland) — Beekeepers across Europe now have a new tool to combat the devastating Varroa destructor mite. NOD Apiary Ireland Ltd. is pleased to announce that the HPRA and 22 other European Regional Authorities have granted Marketing Authorization to NOD’s newest extended shelf-life Veterinary Medicine: Formicpro™.

Sustainable and Extended Shelf-Life

Formicpro features a 24-month shelf-life that doesn’t require temperature-controlled storage. These key advancements in bee protection technology provide distributors and beekeepers with an additional effective treatment for Varroosis that’s safer and easier to use.

Formicpro is an all-natural product manufactured in ready-to-use polysaccharide gel strips that are fully biodegradable. Its eco-paper wrap is designed to provide a slow release of the active ingredient: formic acid. During the 7-day treatment period Formicpro causes mortality to a significant number of mites under the brood cap, as well as adult mites on the bees, with an average efficacy of 83-97%.

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Press Release – NOD Apiary Products Ltd. Brings on New Honey Bee Health Researcher

Ontario, Canada NOD Apiary Products Ltd. is proud to announce the addition of Dr. Heather Broccard-Bell to the NOD team as Honey Bee Health Researcher, effective immediately. As head of research activities, Dr. Broccard-Bell will contribute to NOD Apiary Products’ commitment to innovation, quality and education for the betterment of the global beekeeping community. 

Dr. Broccard-Bell joins the NOD team with an impressive education (B.A. in Psychology, M.Sc. in Neuroscience and Ph.D. in Behaviour and Evolution), as well as research experience specific to beekeeping, honey bees and animal health.  

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Press Release – NOD assigns new Marketing Manager


March 1, 2021, NOD Apiary Products Ltd. Hires New Marketing Manager, North America

Frankford, ON – NOD Apiary Products Ltd. is pleased to announce the addition of Ms. Laura Wagdin to the NOD marketing team. Effective immediately, Laura will join as the Marketing Manager for NOD Apiary Products Ltd. She will be responsible for business development and strategic marketing activities to foster company growth within the global beekeeping community.

Laura’s knowledge, skills and experience are an ideal fit for our growing marketing team. This addition will help us to enhance our marketing as we expand globally and continue to deepen our existing customer relationships.” said Kathleen Ireland, Director of Sales and Marketing of NOD Apiary Products Ltd. “We are excited to welcome Laura to the NOD team!”

Laura brings over ten years of marketing experience to the role, previously working at an advertising agency in Toronto, ON. Her brand-building capabilities and background in many areas of marketing present NOD with a great opportunity to further build the in-house marketing team.

“I am delighted to join such a passionate team during this exciting time of growth for NOD. I look forward to contributing to our fantastic brand focus, helping to encourage sustainable honeybee and animal health around the globe.”

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Press Release – COVID-19

Press Release

COVID-19 Coronavirus: NOD Apiary Products Addresses Supply Questions

23 March 2020 – Information is reviewed daily and updated as required

NOD Apiary Products is a supplier of honey bee and animal health products, therefore part of agriculture and the food production industry.  As such we are considered to be an essential industry.

Regarding our internal operations, NOD is monitoring and following all guidelines set out by the Canadian government. Our manufacturing site is continuing to produce product as usual.  We are not expecting any disruption to our supply chain.  Domestically and internationally, we are closely monitoring our shipments to ensure any potential disruption is quickly identified.

At this time we are aware of a delay at our European testing site, due to an equipment issue at the certified third-party test site. It is expected to be rectified shortly, however, two of our European shipments, originally scheduled for delivery in March are now scheduled for delivery in mid-April.

We will provide additional information to our distributors in the event of any changes that may affect their receiving of our product.

Press Release – COVID-19 NOD Apiary Products


Media Contact
NOD Apiary Products Ltd.
Kerri Lott, Marketing Manager
Tel: +1-613-398-8422 ext. 205
Email: kerril@nodglobal.com

New Zealand – MAQS+ rebrand to Formic Pro™

Frankford, Ontario – August 7, 2019 – NOD Apiary Products, a global leader for providing sustainable products to the beekeeping industry, announced that the extended shelf life product, MAQS+ would be rebranded to Formic Pro™ in the New Zealand marketplace. The comprehensive rebrand refocuses the company’s efforts to maintain consistent education and  brand recognition across the global marketplace.

Formic Pro™ provides beekeepers with a sustainable, organically certified miticide that targets and controls the Varroa Mite where they reproduce, under the brood cap.

“Apimondia 2019 presented itself as the opportunity to get all of our brands on the same page, globally. For the global community of beekeepers to discuss NOD’s products in the same space layed the foundation for this rebrand to occur.”



Formic Pro™ is available through our beekeeping supply partner in New Zealand, New Zealand Beeswax.




Media Contact
NOD Apiary Products Ltd.
Kerri Lott, Marketing Manager
Tel: +1-613-398-8422 ext. 205
Email: kerril@nodglobal.com

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