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Meet the people behind NOD Apiary Products. 

Tom, our very own beekeeping expert at NOD Apiary Products, is hitting the road and heading to the Georgia Beekeeping Conference! 🚗🎉 Join him on September 22-24 at the Ramsey Conference Center in Gainesville, GA 🐝🌺

Make sure to stop by the NOD Apiary Products booth and say hello to Tom! 👋 He`s eager to assist and answer any questions you might have about our products.

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We’re enjoying this cooler weather, and it’s the perfect opportunity to apply a late summer treatment of Formic Pro.

This week, we checked on the colonies in Wendy’s Yard with our R&D Team 👀 Hannah and Dr. Heather did a quick collection of sticky boards for monitoring mite count, followed by application of Formic Pro treatments to all hives in the yard. ⚠️ Remember to treat your apiary as a whole! This helps avoid reinfestation from your own colonies.

Many beekeepers see mite load creeping back up in late summer and fall—even if colonies were treated and mite numbers were under control earlier in the year. Be careful to mind the temperature when treating with formic acid: your first 3 days of treatment require daytime temps consistently below 29.5°C or 85°F. 🌡️ If it`s excessively hot and humid, it’s best to wait to treat your colonies.

Got questions about your upcoming Formic Pro treatments? Send us a message or check out the handy FAQ section on our website (Link in Bio!)

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🌼🌺🌞🐝 Welcome to the Hive, Lisa! 🐝🌞🌺🌼

We are absolutely thrilled to introduce Lisa as our new Office Administrator here at NOD. With her extensive business background and experience, Lisa brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team.

But that`s not all! Lisa`s passion for flowers and gardening fits right into the world of honey bees and she`s excited to learn more about them. 🐝

Please join us in giving a warm welcome to Lisa as she embarks on this exciting new journey with us. We`re confident that her skills, enthusiasm, and love for all things floral will be a wonderful addition to our team. 🌼🌺🌞🐝

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🐝🌡️ We know this week is HOT, but it`s time to start preparing our beloved colonies for the upcoming winter chill! ❄️🥶

Here are some essential steps to take as you gear up for the colder months:

1️⃣ Monitor and Treat for Varroa mites: Begin monitoring and treating your colonies for Varroa mites. Make sure to follow the label instructions and temperature guidelines.

2️⃣ Plan for Feeding: After your last honey harvest, it`s crucial to provide your colonies with enough feed stores to sustain them throughout winter. Start preparing your feeding plans now to ensure your bees have ample food reserves. Let`s keep them well-nourished and strong! 🍯🌸

3️⃣ Hive Wrapping: Once outside temperatures consistently drop below the cluster point (around 50°F / 10°C), consider wrapping your hives. This helps maintain ambient temperatures and conserves feed stores, enabling your colonies to build up their strength for a successful spring. Order your Bee Cozy Winter Hive Wraps now and be ready for the fall!

Let`s ensure our bees have a cozy winter and a thriving spring ahead! 🌡️🐝

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One visit to the production line and you would be blown away by their incredible teamwork and dedication. It`s truly inspiring to witness how they work seamlessly together, putting in long hours to ensure our products reach the hands of our distributors.

To the entire production team, we see you and we appreciate you! 🙏🏼 Your hard work and commitment to excellence do not go unnoticed.

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Let`s face it, when it comes to our beloved bees, we just can`t help but share our passion and knowledge with everyone around us, even when they might not be asking for it. 🗣️🐝

So, if you find yourself in this situation too, don`t worry, you`re not alone! Feel free to tag a fellow beekeeper who can relate to this humorous predicament. 🙌🏼❤️

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🐝📣 Join Our Team at NOD Apiary Products! 📣🐝

Are you passionate about ensuring top-notch quality in products? We`re looking for a skilled and dedicated Quality Control Technician to join our team at NOD Apiary Products!

As a Quality Control Technician, you`ll play a crucial role in upholding our commitment to excellence. You`ll be responsible for inspecting, testing, and analyzing our beekeeping products to ensure they meet the highest standards.

Join us in our mission to support healthy bees and a sustainable future for our planet. Apply today! 🔗 Link in Bio 🔗

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Don`t miss out on the exciting LBA Convention happening in Pineville, LA this Friday, August 25 and Saturday, August 26! 🌺🍯

Join Tom, our North American Sales Rep, at the convention to learn more about the important work being done in beekeeping and how you can contribute to a healthier planet. Don`t forget to check out our booth featuring our top products like Formic Pro and Mite Away Quick Strips. 🐝

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🐝 Join us for an Un-BEE-lievable Event at Quinte West Public Library 🌼

We are thrilled to announce that our Honey Bee Health Researcher, Heather, and our Beekeeping Coordinator, Hannah, will be the featured speakers at the Quinte West Public Library`s Summer Speaker Series! 🎤🌟

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, August 29th from 10 am - 10:45 am, and get ready to learn about the captivating world of beekeeping and the vital importance of protecting honey bees for a healthier future. 🐝🌍

But that`s not all! Prepare to be amazed as they bring live bees right to the library in an observation hive. Witness the fascinating behaviour of these creatures up close and personal! 🐝❤️

This event is open to everyone! We invite you to join us for an educational and inspiring morning that will leave you buzzing with excitement! 🌼📚

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🐝🍯 Today is National Honey Bee Day! 🌼🌟

On this special day, we want to share our deep love and appreciation for honey bees and their incredible contributions to our ecosystem. As beekeepers and advocates, we are committed to promoting the well-being of these amazing pollinators. 🌸🐝

At NOD Apiary Products, we are passionate about supporting the health and vitality of honey bees. Our mission is to provide high-quality products that not only benefit beekeepers but also contribute to the overall well-being of honey bee colonies. 🌺💛

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🐝🍯 Buzzing with Excitement at NOD`s Bee Club! 🍯🐝

Yesterday, our incredible beekeeping coordinator, Hannah, took us on a sweet adventure as we delved into the fascinating world of honey extraction! 🌼🍃

The air was abuzz with excitement as we witnessed the fruits of our bees` labour transform into liquid gold. 🌟✨

Hannah`s expertise and passion for beekeeping truly shone through, making the experience both educational and fun. We couldn`t help but be amazed by the intricate process behind creating the honey we all love. 🐝❤️

A huge thank you to Hannah for her dedication and for sharing her knowledge with us. We are grateful to have such a talented and passionate beekeeping coordinator leading the way at NOD`s Bee Club! 🙌🏼💛

Stay tuned for more exciting adventures as we continue to explore the world of beekeeping 🌻🍯

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Did you know that Formic Pro, our incredible varroa treatment, is made with formic acid?

With over 30 years of proven effectiveness, formic acid has been a trusted solution for combating varroa mites without any known mite resistance. 🚫

By choosing Formic Pro, you`re not only safeguarding your honey bees but also taking a step towards building healthier and stronger colonies.

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☀️🌼 Rise and Shine! This is what mornings look like at Wendy`s Yard, one of NOD Apiary Products` stunning beekeeping locations. Not a bad way to start your day with this breathtaking view! 🐝✨

📸 Share your own beautiful morning views. Let`s celebrate the beauty of beekeeping and the incredible landscapes that nourish our buzzing friends! 🌼📸

Photo Credit: Heather Broccard-Bell

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Congratulations to Allan Storm from Stormy Acres Bee Farm - our giveaway winner at the EAS Conference!

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🎉🐝 There`s still time to visit Tom and Dana at the NOD Apiary Booth at the @easternapiculturalsociety Conference! 🌟✨

Come spin the wheel and test your knowledge like the visitors in our video!

• Master Beekeepers, David Burns & Joe Zawislak
• Group from upstate NY - @beehollowfarm & Apiary

Thank you for visiting and playing along!

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Who can relate to this plan?

🐝.......... 🐝🐝.........🐝🐝🐝........🐝🐝🐝🐝.......

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