Making a significant difference in long-term bee survival.

Sustainable Solutions for Beekeeping

For more than two decades, our products have helped protect millions of honey bee colonies worldwide. We make bee protection products that are effective, easy-to-use and sustainable—so beekeepers can ensure healthier and more productive honey bees for years to come.

Mite Away Quick Strips™

Easy-to-use gel strips let you treat and control Varroosis organically and sustainably with formic acid, effectively targeting varroa mites under the brood cap while eliminating residue risk.

Formic Pro™

Specially formulated for an extended shelf-life, these ready-to-use gel strips use formic acid to target Varroa mites under the brood cap for a sustainable solution that’s effective, organic, and residue-free.

Bee Cozy™ Winter Hive Wrap

Made with UV treated polypropylene and environmentally-friendly R8 fibreglass, simply slip-on our wraps to successfully overwinter your colonies for stronger, healthier brood and bees come spring.

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What are the temperature guidelines and best practices for planning when treating?

Formic Pro, or MAQS? What is the difference between the two treatments?

I use medium boxes where should I be placing my strips?

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