Press Release – NOD Apiary Ireland Ltd. Welcomes Freddy Proni as New EU Regional Manager

by | Mar 16, 2022 | Press Release

Dublin, Ireland – NOD Apiary Ireland Ltd. is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Frederick (Freddy) Proni to the NOD team as European Regional Manager, effective immediately. Leading marketing and sales activities across Europe, Freddy will contribute to NOD’s commitment to outstanding customer service and education for the betterment of the global beekeeping community.

Freddy joins at an exciting time of growth for the company, as the launch of Formicpro™ is underway throughout European markets. Formicpro is the number one formulated product for varroa control in North America—and is now available in 23 European regions as a valuable tool for beekeepers to combat the devastating Varroa destructor mite.

A former full-time beekeeper, Freddy Proni brings over three decades of beekeeping experience to the team, with skills in honey production, commercial honey brokering/packaging, and queen rearing. Freddy is an Eastern Apicultural Society (EAS) Master Beekeeper and served as the first and second Vice-President of North Carolina State Beekeepers Association (NCSBA), the largest bee organization in the US. Freddy was formerly the North American & Japan Area Manager for Veto-pharma (the makers of Apivar).

“It is with great pride that we welcome Freddy to the NOD team. His many years of dedication to the apiculture industry will ensure we can continue to deliver experienced, quality customer service to our European markets—helping bring sustainable varroa control to even more beekeepers around the globe.” said David VanderDussen, CEO and Director of NOD Apiary Products Ltd.

An active member within the apiculture industry, Freddy participates in agricultural organizations, served on the Honey Bee Health Coalition (HBHC), lectures and writes on the practical aspects of beekeeping. Freddy recently relocated from Charlotte, North Carolina to Hannover, Germany—ensuring NOD can extend exceptional support to the European beekeeping community while working shoulder-to-shoulder with our customers.

Freddy Proni shares, “Beekeeping has rapidly evolved over the past decades—from an almost intuitive, self-taught agricultural practice to detailed apiary management, requiring a higher level of focus and education. Despite the current challenges of beekeepers globally, they are a fellowship that invigorates everyday life. It is a community that thrives in mutual support and vibrant exchange, all while providing quality food for real people. NOD’s profound expertise, dedication to research, and understanding of the beekeeper is inspirational. It is exciting to join a team that encourages, through its people and reliable products, sustainability in bee health and environmental commitment.”

When Freddy’s not in the beeyard, you can find him playing the piano or working at restoring old gems, such as farm tractors. He loves the journey and experience of travel, as well as cooking and culinary exploration. He first began keeping bees in upstate New York, almost 35 years ago.

About NOD Apiary Products

NOD Apiary Ireland Ltd. is an affiliate of NOD Apiary Products Ltd., a Canadian company formed in 1997 by beekeepers in Canada. Honey bee and animal health is our focus. The founders at NOD developed a practical, sustainable miticide for the beekeeping industry that uses formic acid as the active ingredient to control varroa, tracheal and tropilaelaps mites. When properly formulated, this Veterinary Medicine made with all-natural ingredients can be used safely during the honey flow. Formicpro and MAQS Beehive Strips (Mite Away Quick Strips) are registered in several countries across Europe, and in Canada, the United States, and New Zealand.

NOD Apiary Products Ltd. continues to aid the developing apiculture industry by producing organic and sustainable honey bee health products. NOD Apiary Products was awarded the Ontario Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence, 2006, Innovation Project of the Year, 2008 and Agri Business of the Year, 2011. Our passion is honey bee health and young livestock wellness, and as such, we are dedicated to environmental stewardship. To find out more about NOD Apiary Products Ltd., please visit our About Us page.

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