Distributor Spotlight: Dancing Bee Equipment

by | Aug 19, 2022 | Press Release

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Dancing Bee Equipment

Bees, Education, Equipment & Support

Located in Port Hope, Ontario, Dancing Bee Equipment is your one-stop destination for bees, beekeeping equipment, and candle making supplies. They operate their own retail stores, supply commercial beekeepers with equipment, and distribute to over 80 stores across North America.Dancing Bee Equipment’s mission is to be the leading supplier of quality beekeeping products and education, with unparalleled customer service. They have a vision to support the advancement of beekeeping in North America by helping beekeepers grow their apiaries in a profitable and sustainable way.

They stand behind the products they sell. The educational resources they provide are a high standard for accuracy, efficiency, and quality. Members of the company are asked to participate in opportunities to learn about beekeeping in order to provide customers with the best possible advice and service.

They have partnered with NOD Apiary Products to run workshops at their location that teach beekeepers all about the Varroa mite. Giving them essential training in Varroa Management with Nods experienced beekeeper, Tom Nolan and Honey Bee Health Researcher, Dr. Heather Broccard-Bell—helping beekeepers protect their colonies from varroa mites. They have also kept up with their staff education and had Tom in for training on Formic Pro products so they can continue to provide the most up to date advice and education on the products they sell.

In Spring of 2020, Dancing Bee Equipment opened its second warehouse and retail location in Winnipeg, MB. In 2021 Dancing Bee‘s flagship Port Hope location moved to its new location beside Highway 401 in Port Hope. The new location includes The Bee Works Honey & Gift Shop. Shopping here offers a fun and educational experience with daily samplings of a variety of raw honey from across Canada, honeycomb, pantry and kitchen items, all natural beeswax candles and honeybee-inspired body care products. A wonderful place to get unique gifts, gift boxes and tasty treats.

The Bee Works has a large observation hive and a state of the art bottling facility. People get to experience the bees in action behind a glass wall, and watch honey being bottled for our shelves, and stores across Ontario. Providing educational tours to the public, candle making workshops, beekeeping workshops and community events. Dancing Bee Equipment and The Bee Works are an exciting place to visit to learn all about honey bees.

“We have a sense of community in the workplace.
We value the community of beekeepers.
We invest in the community of Port Hope.”

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