Press Release – NOD Apiary Products Ltd. Brings on New Honey Bee Health Researcher

by | Apr 22, 2021 | Press Release

Ontario, Canada NOD Apiary Products Ltd. is proud to announce the addition of Dr. Heather Broccard-Bell to the NOD team as Honey Bee Health Researcher, effective immediately. As head of research activities, Dr. Broccard-Bell will contribute to NOD Apiary Products’ commitment to innovation, quality and education for the betterment of the global beekeeping community. 

Dr. Broccard-Bell joins the NOD team with an impressive education (B.A. in Psychology, M.Sc. in Neuroscience and Ph.D. in Behaviour and Evolution), as well as research experience specific to beekeeping, honey bees and animal health.  

She has spent over fifteen years designing and conducting studies on animal health, and the past seven years focusing on honey bee health, disease prevention and understanding how bees communicate. Dr. Broccard-Bell has also devoted many years to teaching biology, psychology, and neuroscience university courses, making her a perfect fit to lead NOD’s research and education programs. 

We are beyond excited to welcome Dr. Broccard-Bell to the NOD team. We have always put a strong focus on innovation and education here at NOD, and to have Heather leading our upcoming Honey bee Health Education Centre is a very inspiring time for us,” said Kathleen Ireland, Director of Sales and Marketing of NOD Apiary Products Ltd. 

NOD’s future Honey bee Health Education Centre, which will aim to provide hands on beekeeping courses through mentorship, aligns with Dr. Heather Broccard-Bell’s new role and her passion for delivering interactive educational lectures on honey bees 

Dr. Broccard-Bell shares, “It’s a common perception that successful agricultural practices must be opposed to environmental concerns. However, NOD’s products and focus on education make it abundantly clear that there are ways in which agricultural practices can minimize impacts on native ecosystems and human health, while supporting productive and profitable businesses. I am absolutely delighted to join NOD in their efforts to further realize this goal! 

About NOD Apiary Products 

NOD Apiary Products Ltd. is a Canadian company formed in 1997 by beekeepers in Canada. Honeybee and animal health is our focus. The founders at NOD developed a practical, sustainable miticide for the beekeeping industry that uses formic acid as the active ingredient to control varroa, tracheal and tropilaelaps mites. When properly formulated, this organic miticide eliminates the risk of residues in the hive and can be used safely during the honey flow. Formic Pro® and Mite Away Quick Strips® (MAQS Beehive Strips) are registered in several countries across Europe, and in Canada, The United States, and New Zealand. 

NOD Apiary Products Ltd. continues to aid the developing apiculture industry by producing organic and sustainable Honey bee health products. NOD Apiary Products was awarded the Ontario Premiers Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence, 2006, Innovation Project of the Year, 2008 and Agri Business of the Year, 2011. Our passion is Honey bee health and young livestock wellness, and as such, we are dedicated to environmental stewardship. To find out more about NOD Apiary Products Ltd., please visit our About Us page.

Media Contact 

NOD Apiary Products Ltd.
Kathleen Ireland, Director of Sales and Marketing 

Tel: +1-613-398-8422 ext. 205 


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