NOD Europe Ltd. partners with Sustainable Agriculture Consultancy to provide technical support for Europe and MENA Regions

by | May 18, 2018 | Press Release

May 18, 2018 – Liverpool, UK – NOD Europe Ltd. is pleased to announce the partnership of Mr. Miki Gasic, Sustainable Agriculture Consultancy to the NOD network. Effective immediately, Mr. Gasic will work on behalf of NOD Europe Ltd. as a Technical Consultant. Miki will provide support for our European and MENA distributors and beekeepers.

“There is a natural fit between our two organisations, in the way we think and the customers we serve. By partnering we are continuing to provide leading honey bee health products to our European and MENA regions while delivering additional value to our customers.” said Kathleen Ireland, Global Marketing Manager of NOD Apiary Products Ltd. “Having boots on the ground in Europe and MENA regions means addressing customers’ needs without delay.”

Miki Gasic has supported and served the beekeeping industry as owner of “Beokosnice’’ (Beobeehives) and the President of the Serbian Beekeepers’ Association 2016-2017. Miki is a highly motivated and dynamic individual with considerable experience in the areas of beekeeping, honey production and supply. His focus is on ensuring a healthy bee population through appropriate bee health prevention and management. His strong technical background is blended with direct sales experience within the automotive, furniture and the global beekeeping industry.

“Our shared vision and passion for honeybee health and environmental sustainability will ensure that this partnership directly and meaningfully contributes to the global beekeeping sector, and the beekeepers in Europe and MENA regions in particular. It will help strengthen quality support to our current customers and enable to better and faster cooperate and expand further our customer base.”



NOD Europe Ltd.

Miki Gasic

Technical Consultant | +1613-398-8422 ext. 3205 | + 381 63 8280 874 |

Media Contact

NOD Apiary Products Ltd.
Kathleen Ireland

Global Marketing Manager | +1613-398-8422 ext. 205 |


About NOD Apiary Products Ltd. and its family of companies

NOD Apiary Products Ltd. is a Canadian company formed in 1997 by beekeepers in Canada. Honeybee and animal health is our focus. The founders at NOD saw formic acid as the active ingredient most likely to be developed into a practical, sustainable miticide for the beekeeping industry. Properly formulated, it could control varroa and tracheal mites, protect the image of honey as a wholesome food, and leave no residues in the hive components.

NOD Apiary Products Ltd. continues to aid the developing apiculture industry by producing organic and sustainable Honey bee health products.  Mite Away Quick Strips (MAQS Beehive Strips) and Formic Pro (MAQS+) are formic acid polysaccharide gel strips which, when placed in the brood chamber of a honey bee hive, act as an organic miticide that kills the varroa mite where it reproduces, under the brood cap. Both product lines have the technology that eliminates the risk of residues; beekeepers can use it safely during the honey flow. In Canada the Mite Away Quick Strips are available, across 17 European regions, MAQS Beehive Strips are available, in New Zealand MAQS+ is available and in the USA both, Mite Away Quick Strips and Formic Pro are available.

NOD Apiary Products’ Bee Cozy Winter Hive Wraps have been used successfully in the field for over 25 years. By properly preparing Honey bees for winter, colonies are more likely to have a productive season, using less feed and reaching maximum health and vigour earlier in the season. Easy to work with, the Bee Cozy ‘slip-on, slip-off’ system saves beekeepers valuable time getting ready for winter. Bee Cozy Winter Hive Wraps are available across Canada, USA and Europe.

Our global reach at NOD Apiary Products Ltd. continues with operating subsidiaries in the United States, NOD Apiary Products USA Inc. and NOD Europe Ltd. in the United Kingdom.

NOD Apiary Products was awarded the Ontario Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence, 2006, Innovation Project of the Year, 2008 and Agri Business of the Year, 2011. Our passion is honey bee health and young livestock wellness, and as such, we are dedicated to environmental stewardship.

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