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by | Nov 18, 2021 | Press Release

Your Newest Tool to Combat Varroa

Formicpro™ is an all-natural Veterinary Medicine that targets Varroa destructor mites. Formic acid is the active ingredient, which penetrates the brood cap to kill varroa mites where they reproduce—targeting the root of your infestation, and protecting developing bees when they’re most vulnerable.

Formicpro Distribution Partners & Authorised Countries

Formicpro is authorised in: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland (RMS), Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and United Kingdom. Additional regions coming soon — see our current Distribution Partners in Europe:

  • Ireland (IE):
    • Donegal Bees, Thomas Donegal Cashel, Glencolmcille Co, Don F94KP97, Ireland
    • Bee Supplies, Unit 67C Heather Road, Sandyford Industrial Estate, Dublin D18 X623, Ireland
  • Austria (AT), Belgium (BE), Germany (DE), France (FR): Andermatt BioVet GmbH, Franz-Ehret-Str. 18, 79541 Lörrach, Germany
  • Spain (ES), Portugal (PT): Hifarmax Lda, Rua do Fojo, 136, Pavilhão B, Trajouce, 2775-615, São Domingos de Rana, Portugal
  • Croatia (HR), Slovenia (SI): Genera S.I, Cestna na Brdo, 100 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • United Kingdom (UK):
  • Bulgaria (BG): Vazrazdane-Kasis (VKasis) Ltd., Stara Planina Str. 59 Lovech 5500, Bulgaria
  • Czech Republic (CZ): Beedol, (Výzkumný ústav včelařský, s.r.o.), Dol 94, 252 66 Máslovice, Czechia
  • Greece (EL): AGROvet, 28th Giannitson Str, 546 27, Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Hungary (HU): EURO-VET Green Island Ltd., Petőfi u. 24, 7500 Nagyatád, Hungary
  • Italy (IT):
    • Chemical Laif, Viale Dell’Artigianato, 13, 35010, Vigonza PD, Italy
    • HUVEPHARMA, Uitbreidingstraat 80, B-2600 Antwerp, Belgium
  • Netherlands (NL): Andermatt Nederland bv, Prins Mauritslaan 15, 3956 TZ Leersum, The Netherlands
  • Poland (PL): VET-ANIMAL sp. z o.o., ul. Lubichowska 126, 83-200 Starogard Gdański
  • Romania (RO): SC UNICUB GRUP SRL, Codrului. St. No 10, MagureleIlfov, 077125, Romania
  • Slovakia (SK): MEDE – Karol Mészáros, Malý Lég 167, 930 37 Legnice, Slovak republic
  • Denmark (DK), Norway (NO), Sweden (SE): Distributors will be announced at a later date.

Formicpro is the globally recognized product brand name for this new extended shelf-life product, however in certain regions it will be sold under the names: Formicprotect, MAQSplus vet, and Formic acid NOD.

Kill Varroa Mites Under the Cap

Independent studies show Formicpro is an effective treatment to kill mites under the brood cap—stopping the next generation of mites from reproducing in your colony.

Formicpro can kill up to 80% of immature mites [1,2]

TestApi 238-2015 Study: After treatment with Formicpro, less than 20% of the immature mites were alive, compared to almost 60% in the placebo group.[1]

Pajuelo Consultores Apicolas Study: Colonies treated with 2 strips of Formicpro had 50% fewer varroa under the cap 33 days after treatment, and 80% fewer by 53 days following treatment. In contrast, a group treated with amitraz showed an 85% increase in varroa under the cap at day 33, and only a 50% decrease by day 55, relative to initial levels. [2]

Sustainable and Extended Shelf-Life

Formicpro features a 24-month shelf-life that doesn’t require temperature-controlled storage. These key advancements in bee protection technology provide distributors and beekeepers with an additional effective treatment for Varroosis that’s safer and easier to use.

Formicpro is an all-natural product manufactured in ready-to-use polysaccharide gel strips that are fully biodegradable. Its eco-paper wrap is designed to provide a slow release of the active ingredient: formic acid. During the 7-day treatment period Formicpro causes mortality to a significant number of mites under the brood cap, as well as adult mites on the bees.

  1. Mamet, O. 2015. Effect of MAQS+ on Varroa destructor mortality in honey bee brood and associated effects on bee colonies (Apis mellifera L.). Testapi Study Number: 238-2015.
  2. Josefina Gonell, Blai Llambrich, Lluis Casanova, Eugenio Llorens, Loredana Scalschi, Antonio Gómez Pajuelo. 2019. Field trial for the evaluation of the efficacy of Formicpro® in the control of varroa, in Layens hives, in autumn, in conditions of Mediterranean coastal climate, in Spain.

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