New Zealand – MAQS+ rebrand to Formic Pro™

Jan 23, 2020 | Formic Pro, Press Release

Frankford, Ontario – August 7, 2019 – NOD Apiary Products, a global leader for providing sustainable products to the beekeeping industry, announced that the extended shelf life product, MAQS+ would be rebranded to Formic Pro™ in the New Zealand marketplace. The comprehensive rebrand refocuses the company’s efforts to maintain consistent education and  brand recognition across the global marketplace.

Formic Pro™ provides beekeepers with a sustainable, organically certified miticide that targets and controls the Varroa Mite where they reproduce, under the brood cap.

“Apimondia 2019 presented itself as the opportunity to get all of our brands on the same page, globally. For the global community of beekeepers to discuss NOD’s products in the same space layed the foundation for this rebrand to occur.”



Formic Pro™ is available through our beekeeping supply partner in New Zealand, New Zealand Beeswax.



NOD Apiary Products Ltd.
Kathleen Ireland

Global Marketing Manager | 613-398-8422 etc. 205 |

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