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NOD Honey Bee Education Centre Beekeeping Courses

Our team is extremely passionate about beekeeping. That’s why we’ve designed two season-long programs to offer more than just a workshop introduction to bees. Get hands-on coaching and theoretical training with our multi-week courses led by our experienced Beekeepers and Research Team.

NOD Beginner Beekeeping Program (8 Sessions)

An extended course that introduces basic beekeeping skills to beginners. No experience or ownership of bee hives is required, just an interest in bees! This program includes a mix of classroom theory and hands-on experience in the bee yard, covering the fundamentals of beekeeping in a fun and informative manner. With small class size and 8 sessions of training, you’ll be a beekeeper before you know it.

NOD Beekeeping Mentorship Program

We’ve developed a specialized mentorship program that provides one-on-one learning as you follow an experienced beekeeper through a full season of beekeeping. You will have the opportunity to join our instructor in the bee yard monthly for an overview of seasonally appropriate tasks and intermediate management techniques. This program is designed to be customizable to the student and their desires for their beekeeping practice and learning.

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