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Global Product Status


North America

Mite Away Quick Strips® and Formic Pro® are registered pesticides in Canada and the United States.



June 12, 2014 – NOD Apiary Products Ltd. announced that MAQS® Beehive Strip has received the green light for commercialization in key European countries. European beekeepers will now have access to an innovative solution for controlling the varroa mite. The mite has been designated as one of the major threats for Honey bee health. View the full press release here.


Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Asia and Pacific


August 7, 2019. NEW ZEALAND – MAQS+ REBRANDED TO FORMIC PRO™ Press Release.

September 11, 2017.  MAQS+® is registered in New Zealand for beekeepers’ use. Press Release.

March 13, 2014.  Mite Away Quick Strips® received registration in New Zealand for beekeepers’ use. Mite Away Quick Strips® has received approval by EPA (HSR100672) as well as the MPI, ACVM Group (P008556). Press Release.


The varroa mite is not present in Australia, but experts are predicting that the mite will enter Australia in the near future. NOD and sponsor BASF were approached by Plant Health Australia (PHA) to begin the process of Medical Authorization in Australia. This authorization is similar to the process in the United Kingdom, as it is classified as a Veterinary Medicine.