Press Release – COVID-19

Press Release

COVID-19 Coronavirus: NOD Apiary Products Addresses Supply Questions

23 March 2020 – Information is reviewed daily and updated as required

NOD Apiary Products is a supplier of honey bee and animal health products, therefore part of agriculture and the food production industry.  As such we are considered to be an essential industry.

Regarding our internal operations, NOD is monitoring and following all guidelines set out by the Canadian government. Our manufacturing site is continuing to produce product as usual.  We are not expecting any disruption to our supply chain.  Domestically and internationally, we are closely monitoring our shipments to ensure any potential disruption is quickly identified.

At this time we are aware of a delay at our European testing site, due to an equipment issue at the certified third-party test site. It is expected to be rectified shortly, however, two of our European shipments, originally scheduled for delivery in March are now scheduled for delivery in mid-April.

We will provide additional information to our distributors in the event of any changes that may affect their receiving of our product.

Press Release – COVID-19 NOD Apiary Products


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